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Is material handling a vital link in your day-to-day operations? Can you ship products without your material handling equipment? Is your material handling system a constant headache?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we have the cure for downtime, reduced life, and minimal performance of your material handling equipment. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure the long-term performance of your conveyor system.


Preventative maintenance agreements can be tailored to meet your individual company needs. A member of our service department will visit your site for a complete performance evaluation of your system as well as servicing your equipment.


Why Indiana Industrial Scheduled Maintenance?


  • Ensures longer life of your equipment.

  • Prevents downtime due to premature equipment failures.

  • Prevents costly service calls by establishing a regular preventative maintenance program.

  • Assurance that trained professionals are handling your expensive equipment.

  • Reduce maintenance costs, improve quality, and maximize system performance.


Typical Scheduled Conveyor Maintenance Plan


  • Check/lubricate all bearings, univeral joints, and pulleys

  • Check chain tension, wear and lubricate

  • Check sprocket alignment, wear and set screw

  • Check flat belt tension, wear and lacing

  • Check V-belt tension, wear and sheave alignment

  • Check gearbox for leakage

  • Check general condition of system

  • Operate entire system after service

  • List any items requiring replacement or repair

  • IIS will work with your company to establish agreed upon intervals for preventative maintenance (we recommend every three months).

Material Handling Systems
Contact us today to setup your plan.


If you would like more information about developing a Preventative Maintenance Agreement for your system, please contact us via email or call.


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Jeremy Hamilton

Office: 317-769-6099

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